All Of The Musician Cameos on 'Game of Thrones'
    • THURSDAY, JULY 20, 2017

    • Posted by: Josh Han

    Ed Sheeran deleted his Twitter again for like the 6th time after receiving copious amounts of hate for his cameo on the popular HBO show Game Of Thrones. Of course he denied this as the reason for his Twitter deletion, but don't play yourself, Ed. It seems like Sheeran is very self-conscious and he can't catch a break even in the magical world of Westeros. His scene begins with one of the main characters, Arya Stark (my personal favorite), riding her horse alone in the woods when she hears a blissful voice singing a familiar song for those who read the books. When I heard the singing I thought, "hmm, that sounds like Ed Sheeran." Then, he got a close-up, to which I cracked up at. It felt very forced, as if the director was saying to the audience, "Look! It's Ed Sheeran!" Yeah, because Ed Sheeran making an appearance on GoT is super natural.

    Ed played a common Lannister soldier, but did not look the part at all. Instead of looking like a battle-hardened soldier, he had a detestable smirk on his face the entire time, and although he only had 2 lines, those 2 lines hurt to hear and made me cringe harder than any Michael Scott scene. Ed is not the only cameo for musicians on Thrones. There were a few more subtle cameos made by other artists that were a lot more badass, which we're going to take a look at now.

    1. Sigur Ros

    Sigur Ros is an Icelandic post-rock band who were on Season 4 Episode 2. They were a part of one of GoT's most memorable/fan-favorite moments. Hodor, the actor not the character, is a big fan of Sigur Ros and admits to being speechless when he met them on the set. Say something, Hodor!

    2. Of Monsters and Men

    This is another Icelandic band from the same town as Sigur Ros: Reykjavik (say that 5 times fast). I think Iceland is where musicians are bred. They're featured on season 6 episode 5 playing a band at a play that is a very pivotal moment in Arya's story. You can see them atop the bannisters at the 0:03 mark of the video.

    3. Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol

    Snow Patrol is a Northern Irish-Scottish rock band, and Gary Lightbody is the lead singer. He plays a Northern soldier leading his men in a foreshadowing song in Season 3 Episode 3. You can spot him on the far left at the 0:23 mark.

    4. Will Champion of Coldplay

    Everyone knows Coldplay. The band's drummer, Will Champion, played a drummer on Season 3 Episode 9. You can see him banging on his drum at the 0:14 mark. The scene he's in happens to be one of the most treacherous, heart-wrenching scenes to fans, and he plays for the bad guys. His band, in the show, trades their instruments for crossbows and rain death on the good guys. Very badass.

    5. Mastodon

    Mastodon is a heavy metal band from Atlanta, Georgia (finally, some Americans!). The 3 members appear on one of my favorite episodes: Season 5 Episode 8. They play wildlings (don't ask) who get attacked by the White Walkers and after being killed, are brought back to life as soulless soldiers in the army of the dead. It's hard to see but at the 2:17 mark they're the ones in the center of the screen. As you can see above, they got all decked out for their roles and very much look the role of the savages they portray.

    6. Ed Sheeran

    And then there was Ed. He was on the latest episode, Season 7 Episode 1, and as I stated before I was not too pleased with his acceptance into the world of Thrones. He plays a soldier employed by the Lannisters, who Arya (the girl on the horse) has vowed to kill. The entire scene I was hoping Arya would pull one of her sly badass moves and slice Ed's throat, or stab his face a few times. Sadly, they just share a good laugh together and that's all we see of their interactions. Stop looking so soft, Ed! It's hard to think of him swinging a sword or charging into battle like a beast. It's more reasonable to see him crying over his phone because of Twitter and denying it. Maybe stick to music please.

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