6 Rappers Who Have Given Back With Good Deeds
    • THURSDAY, JULY 20, 2017

    • Posted by: Olivia Lewis

    Within the past few days, both Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West have been in the news for helping out their fans with some good deeds. They're not the only ones who have decided amidst all their success that they should give something back - rappers like Nicki Minaj and 2 Chainz have also done their fair shares of good deeds earlier this year. We've decided to compile a list here of the good deeds that rappers have done lately. As you'll see, even rappers who seem to be the most self-centered like, say, Kanye, have room in their hearts for the struggles of others.

    1. Kendrick Lamar

    Over the weekend, Kendrick Lamar decided to surprise one of his biggest fans. Jennifer Phillips, who had been to every one of Kendrick's shows in Dallas, TX and one in Austin, had previously set up a Go Fund Me page because she needed to replace a wheelchair-accessible van. At the Friday night show, Kendrick revealed to Jenn that he would be buying her a new wheelchair-accessible van, so she no longer needed to save up the money for it herself. Along with the van, Lamar gave her an NBA Jersey and a jacket that was signed with a personal note from the rapper. In an Instagram post, Phillips wrote about how Kendrick and the other Top Dawg Entertainment artists have not only put out great music, but they're also great people, and that she appreciated that "none of them have ever treated me like a stranger or a charity case."

    So about last night… lol. If you know me or even just look in my Instagram profile for two minutes then you know I am a huge Kendrick Lamar and TDE fan/supporter for YEARS. I've been to every show Kendrick has had in Dallas including the first one that even he forgot about lol and one in Austin. That's 8 shows and not including the other TDE artists shows. I was a big fan of music and concerts before my injury but I never supported and loved a label like theirs before. Of course they have great music but they are also great people. None of them have ever treated me like a stranger or a charity case lol. I didn't meet them because I'm in a wheelchair. I just know great people (shout out to @bluethegreat for the initial in person introduction to Dot & Q). I never supported them for any benefits like this lol. Their music and shows were enough for me. But this is amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you all and always will. Thank God for you Kendrick and I will continue to pray for you. And like I said, next time I'm driving myself to your show lol. Thanks to the whole team! #tde

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    2. Kanye West

    On Wednesday, Kanye West reached out to fan Tyler Wesley when he heard his tragic but inspiring story. When Wesley was 15, he was involved in a car accident that resulted in a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed from the shoulders down. From then, he has worked to regain control over his body, and on May 20 he recognized the five year anniversary of his injury with an Instagram post where he writes about his self-confidence, gratitude, and appreciation for life.

    My five year anniversary of my spinal cord injury is today. Years ago I thought my life was over knowing that I was going to be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. But now, I am not ashamed of being in a wheelchair. I love the spinal cord injury/disability community. I've heard all kinds of injuries and life stories from inspirational human beings from across the world. Many of them have taught me to never give up and that it can always be worse so just keep pushing on no matter how bad things may get in life. Going from an athlete to being in a wheelchair since I was 15 years old hasn't shaken my confidence and who I am as a person. I'm still that same person I was mentally, just a lot more knowledgeable, grateful, and have a way more appreciation for life. I don't want people to think that I'm not happy being in my wheelchair and that's the reason I fight so hard to walk again.. it's actually the opposite, I'm happy but I want more in life as anyone else would. I'm incredibly grateful for all the support from my family and friends and also the random kind of acts and motivation I receive on a daily basis to walk again. The most important reason I do what I can do to share my story with thousands of people is to spread awareness of a life changing injury. "The spinal cord injury." As many as 500,000 people across the world suffer a spinal cord injury each year. One day a cure to heal paralysis will come. Until then, I will continue to fight to show the millions living with this injury that we choose to keep going and live life to the fullest.

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    When Kanye caught wind of this story and the struggles that Tyler has experienced, he sent his fan a free pair of custom "Cream White" Yeezys. The package also included a handwritten note addressed to Tyler that says "You are an inspiration. You show the world anything is possible. Thank you for sharing your story." Although it's a small gesture, it seems to have meant a lot to Tyler, and has spread awareness of Tyler's story, which is something he mentioned in his Instagram caption - "The most important reason I do what I can do to share my story with thousands of people is to spread awareness of a life changing injury."

    Thank you #KanyeWest & @adidasoriginals for the Custom "Cream White" Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ??

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    3. Nicki Minaj

    One thing Nicki Minaj is definitely known for is caring about her fans' educations. She's tweeted before encouraging fans to work hard and focus on school over relationship drama or whatever else. Back in May, Nicki Minaj responded to a fan who (probably jokingly) asked the rapper to pay their tuition by saying "show me straight A's that I can verify w/ur school and I'll pay it."

    As more tweets from fans rolled in, Minaj responded to a bunch of them asking what they'd specifically need, and to send her their information. Then, on May 12, Minaj posted confirmation on Instagram that she was staying true to her word and actually sending money to fans to help pay for their education. In that post, she told fans that she might do another "impromptu payment spree" in a couple months, and that she's planning on launching an official charity that will pay student loans and tuition sometime soon. It's always really cool to see a celebrity who not only talks about how they want to make a difference in the world, but is actually true to their word and takes the actions they say they believe in.

    4. Chance the Rapper

    Recently, Chance the Rapper won the 2017 Humanitarian Award at the BET Awards. This came in large part from his $1 million donation to the Chicago Public School system. In addition to that donation, Chance promised that for every $100,000 raised by his non-profit organization SocialWorks, the organization would donate $10,000 to another school, starting with Westcott Elementary School. Chance's generosity acted as a call to action, and the Chicago Bulls decided to join in, matching Chance's donation of $1 million.

    It's obvious from this that Chance really cares about bettering education for children, especially those coming up in the Chicago system, the same school system Chance himself grew up in.

    5. Cupcakke

    Although Cupcakke has mostly gotten attention for her NSFW lyrics, the Chicago rapper started getting a different kind of buzz back in February. 17-year-old Christian, from San Antonio, had been kicked out of his house after his mother looked through his unlocked phone and learned that he was gay. After some failed attempts to find a place to stay and get out of the cold, he tweeted at Cupcakke, saying that her music was helping him get through tough times. The rapper promptly responded, "Need a hotel?"

    Unfortunately, as Christian was only 17, he wouldn't have been able to check into a hotel without an adult, but it's the thought that counts. Cupcakke later privately messaged Christian to make sure he was ok. In an interview with Buzzfeed News, Cupcakke told a reporter, "The first thing that came to my mind was not that ‘this is a fan,' but this is someone who is in need. Someone that's about to be homeless just like I was at 13 years old. So my first reaction was to get them a hotel for the night, for the week, or even if I had to pay for a month - I was ready to do it."

    One of my favorite things about Cupcakke is her vibe - she seems like such a genuinely good, sweet person. Having gone through many struggles herself, at 20 years old she's already doing everything she can to give back, because she knows what it's like to be in a bad situation.

    6. 2 Chainz

    When 2 Chainz released his most recent album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, he went all out on the marketing and promotion. The rapper rented a house and painted it bubblegum pink, with the word "trap" written across the front. The house was open to the public for a month before it was painted white again and returned to the original owners.

    The house wasn't just used for promotional purposes, though - 2 Chainz also brought positivity to the community with this unique attraction. The house was used to host a church service, paint and sip events, and the rapper even teamed up with Fulton County Board of Health, Test Atlanta, and Atlanta Aids to set up a temporary HIV testing clinic.

    There was some controversy around this move, and around the popularization of trap music in general. The trap lifestyle is incredibly damaging to a community, as many trap artists know from first hand experience, but it has been somewhat glorified as fans have latched onto the music without really knowing what that life is like. Real trap houses are actually a big problem, not just a fun thing for suburban kids to listen to raps about. Even though the pink trap house attracted a lot of tourists who came just to take pictures and go back to comfortable lives, 2 Chainz was still able to use the space for good in the community, while it lasted.

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