The Textured Guitar Rock Riffage of In Flight Safety
    • MONDAY, JULY 20, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    If you're going to be a guitar rock band in 2015, you'd best have something that sets you apart. Tame Impala are the biggest purveyors of psych rock since maybe Pink Floyd, and The War on Drugs exist to please every Tom Petty fan in your life. And for Canadian rockers In-Flight Safety, they find that sweet spot between the sharp guitar riffs of the Strokes and the classic rock textures of Adam Granduciel & co. Whether you're looking for modern rock uplift or hints of old-school psychedelic layers, In-Flight Safety can please all comers.

    We had the chance to talk to In-Flight Safety about the music video for their new single, "Destroy" (which also features fellow Canadian Adam "Edge" Copeland, former pro-wrestling legend turned actor [Ed. Note: I'm a huge wrestling fan, and Edge is one of my favorite wrestlers. I might have marked out a bit when Edge showed up]) which is a tie-in to the hit Syfy Network program Haven. "Destroy" worms its way into your head thanks to the propulsive but understated guitar riffage and the soaring vocals of John Mullane. Check out the video below as well as our Q&A with the band.

    You guys have a very cool name for a band; I would have called dibs if you guys didn't take it first. Is there a story behind the name?

    The name comes from a long standing fear of flying I have had since I was younger. In an attempt to try and deal with the fear, I wrote this crazy instrumental piece of music about a plane crashing into the ocean that included whale sounds and crazy sounds. Now in hindsight, I think I was hoping the irony of the band name would maybe protect me on flights. Or at least there would be a great news headline, and we would secure our 15 minutes of fame.

    You've enjoyed a ton of commercial success with a lot of your tracks being featured on shows like Vampire Diaries, The Office, and Chuck, to name a few. What was that like?

    Having your song in a TV show is just the best way to reach new people. It's been quite a wonderful experience having those placements. Years later, the shows will be translated and air in a place like Peru or Argentina and you can connect with whole bunch of new people you would otherwise not meet. That's the best part of the job.

    The new video for "Destroy" is visually evocative which makes sense because it ties into the SyFy Network program Haven. Actor/former professional wrestler Edge even makes an appearance at the very end. Did any of you know him as a performer before you shot the video?

    We have been friends with Adam for a little bit because the show is filmed in and around the town where we live. One of our best friends, Andrew Stretch, also works on the show and has been promoting our music to the cast and crew for years. Edge became a fan because Andrew would drag him out to shows. He is quite possibly the nicest human I have met. When approached for a cameo, he cleared his schedule to make an appearance. It was such a fun day for Jon who is playing guitar with us because he is the most massive WWE fan that I know.

    I get a Strokes and Interpol vibe from "Destroy." Who can you guys cite as your influences?

    That is a keen ear. We have loved Interpol since the day we have heard them. Glen is a huge Strokes fan. He is a student of their music. I also love the Strokes. Julian's solo record was a big influence on me vocally. On "Destroy" I can hear some 80s rock influences (Cult? U2?), Interpol, The Sigur Ros "oooooh"s paired with the guitar, there was also this band called Other Lives whose song "Tamer Animals" really helped us finish "Destroy." We listen to so many bands it's hard to pick one as a definitive influence but suffice to say when we made Conversationalist we listened to a ton of The Walkmen, Wild Nothing, Smiths, Savages.

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