The Baroque Pop Beauty Of Amy And The Engine
    • MONDAY, JULY 20, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    I never got into Jenny Lewis in those periods where you're supposed to get into Jenny Lewis. Rilo Kiley's discography is one of the great blind spots of my musical education, and I've only recently started hearing her solo output (mostly cause I fell in love with the music of her former band member, Natalie Prass). But as much as the newest, highly Jenny Lewis-esque single "Patience" from Amy & the Engine has woken me up on this Monday morning, I'm starting to think I could use a little more "Silver Lining" in my life.

    With a sound that feels equal parts Jenny Lewis and early the Weepies, "Patience" is a folk-tinged pop stunner. Frontwoman Amy Allen has a voice with hints of twee but enough of a grown-up, vulnerable edge to appeal past that demographic. And the lush, elegant production of the track segues in and out of folk understatement and full-fledged Feist-esque baroque pop string-driven bombast. "Patience" is simultaneously gorgeous and catchy enough to spend the rest of the stuck in your head.

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