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    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 20, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Nic Snyder and Josh Sickels could have chosen a more searchable moniker, but nothing reflects their unique rock and roll creations quite like 1,2,3. It's music that you can't just find with a general query, sequential in its relationship to the duos previous work, and rhythmically mesmerizing without being overly confusing. The band was formed as a response to the duo's frustration of being members of a touring band with limited creative freedoms, a mode of operation that just didn't jive with their punk roots in Pittsburgh. With plenty of chops and a thirst for penning new and exciting tunes, the duo formed 1,2,3 and recorded their minds preoccupations, much to the sonic delight of all who have experienced their riffs. Watch them emote through a couple of tracks off their debut New Heaven. It's a fresh look at their careers and for us, rock music in general.

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