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    • TUESDAY, JULY 20, 2010

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    Colour Revolt is a two man band from Mississippi whose sound remains disarmingly honest while it ranges from bare-bones to full and polished. Their tunes are driven, with a southern foundation on slowly picked electric guitar and a body of heartily melodic vocals, complemented by subtle synth and embellished by cymbal crashes.

    After losing their label and three of five original band members last year, the two remaining musicians had to get resourceful for the release of Cradle, which drops next month. The band's second album, it was funded mostly by fan donations and recorded in seven days with some outside help on drums, bass, and keys. The record's second song "Our Names" is entrancingly complex, built from interwoven layers, while the beauty of opener "8 years" is in its harsh, earnest simplicity. The two tracks' disparity promises an interesting album, out on New Fear/Dualtone August 10th. -selden paterson

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    MP3: "8 Years"
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