top five songs featuring incessant perfect handclaps
    • MONDAY, JULY 20, 2009

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    If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands. No, really, try it. It'll make every problem in the world seem that much less terrible and your heart swell with joy. At least, songs featuring the perfect handclaps tend to do that to us. Here are a few of our favorite joyous clapping songs to brighten up any day.

    1. Patrick Wolf-The Magic Position

    This is a perfect pop singalong, clapalong anthem, if there ever was any. And whether it's the bells or the righteous major key melody, the infectious song features clapping throughout the glitter and gold studded verses, and of course, those little breaks right before the chorus that absolutely demands in sync claps. And not just weak claps, but determined, loud, clear and capital letters exclamations mark in happiness and pop bliss.

    2. Noah and the Whale-5 Years

    There is not only utterly delightful clapping, but whistling as well, in this tinkling, impossibly cute, impossibly catchy, impossibly cheerful indie folk pop song about an uncertain future. When you're chanting along to the chorus of the sun over our bodies, these handclaps seem like the most natural and precious things in the whole world.

    3. Lykke Li-I'm Good, I'm Gone

    This song drives itself, in dance moves that speak, in intonations that imprint. Lykke Li is simply unbearably cool, style in the most wonderful effortless and perfect of ways. And style in the form of handclaps, here, is impeccable, with jerky rolls of shoulders and flicks of cat eyelined eyes. And I know your hands will clap, says Lykke Li. And she is correct.

    4. Pelle Carlberg-Clever Girls Like Clever Boys Much More Than Clever Boys Like Clever Girls

    This whole song sounds like it's driven by light clapping, and in essence, it is, but especially, that chorus, and the build up to the chorus, this cheeky, irony dipped indie pop delight dripping with perfectly timed quick patterns of claps that soak into the melody and give a light hearted, overly adorable edge to the really quite accurate and painful truth the song observes.

    5. Feist-Mushaboom

    These are buttercup claps, baby claps, sprinkles of sunshine and baby grass on a song that sounds like spring, it sounds like summer, sounds like dandelions and frolicking through perfect blue skies. But it's a song about winter. Regardless of what it's about, these claps are the tiny creatures scurrying and carrying the song on its back, perfect and subtle yet unmistakable. - Laura Yan

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