The Presets Let Anyone Be the DJ with Google's Cube
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 02, 2014

    • Posted by: Sarah Kasarsky

    The Presets said goodbye to Youtube and Vevo, as they released the music video for their new single "No Fun" today in a much more unique and interactive way. The Australian duo's new video was released through Google Creative Labs' "Cube," a widget that runs different video and audio tracks simultaneously on each panel of a 3D box. The videos on each side of the cube are bizarre, ranging from a woman in a bathtub to singing heads to geometric shapes, and each feature a separate layer of the audio track that, together, construct the bands single. You become your own DJ with The Cube, as its sides can be dragged to play one side individually or rotated to feature the audio tracks of multiple sides at once, allowing the panels harmonize with one another.

    Play now, because The Cube wont last forever. Available on Google Chrome, Smartphones and through Android, the widget is only here for the next 48 hours. Google labeled The Cube as a future "platform for interactive storytelling," and The Presets music proves to simply be the first of many ways to achieve this. Check out a behind the scenes video of the making of The Cube, featuring The Presets, below, and see it in action here.

    You can purchase The Presets' single "No Fun" now on Google Play.

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