The Dirty Projectors' 'Hi Custodian' Drinking Game
    • MONDAY, JULY 02, 2012

    • Posted by: Malcolm Donaldson

    In eager anticipation for Dirty Projectors' new short film Hi Custodian, which is a visual pairing to the group's new record Swing Lo Magellan, we have prepared for you a way to enjoy the movie with a few friends and a few bottles of scotch.

    Here are the rules to the Hi Custodian drinking game:

    01. Drink every time you see more of Dave Longstreth's tongue than you expected, or wanted, to see.

    02. Drink every time you see the color balance of the video change.

    03. Drink every time you're uncomfortable, but don't exactly understand why.

    04. First person to spot Nat Baldwin's goatee makes everyone else in the room drink.

    05. Drink every time you hear a word that has five or more syllables.

    06. Drink every time you see Dave Longstreth shift into a new dimension, obviously.

    07. Take a very gentle sip every time you are confused. It will be happening constantly.

    08. Finish your drink if you spot a reference to Bitte Orca.

    09. LIGHTNING ROUND: The two drunkest players must freestyle over Longstreth's singing. The topic: "Swollen: Binary solar systems and their imagined aural properties." Loser of the rap battle must get drunker.

    10: The person who can, at the end, best determine what Hi Custodian was about is the winner, and makes everyone else finish their drink. Then, they should call me to explain it, because I would really like to know too.

    And remember kids, drink safe and always be a responsible Dirty Projectors listener. Hi Custodian will be released on YouTube via at some point this summer. Swing Lo Magellin is out July 9/10 via Domino. Watch the trailer for the movie, which features several tracks from the upcoming album, below.

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