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    • FRIDAY, JULY 02, 2010

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    66 is a pretty American number, so it's kind of exciting that it happens to land on the Fourth Of July weekend here in the States. Come on in and get your kicks! Mixtape 66! [bang]. The penalty for bad humor is DEATH. Or should I say the PUNalty [bang].

    Mcjoy. -joe puglisi

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    1. "I Don't Emote" - Umbrella Men - Umbrella Men
    A beautiful folk-rock song constructed from resonant, honest vocals and cycling fiddle built on a strong bass & drum foundation, which gathers energy and momentum as it rolls along.

    2. "Palestine" - Yann Tiersen - Palestine EP
    Yann Tiersen of Amelie soundtrack fame recently released the EP Palestine, which includes his original track by the same name and six remixes, one of which is by him. The remixes are definitely interesting, but I think the original's weird enough to start with. The original track is to be part of his next full length.

    3. "Felicia" - The Constellations - Southern Gothic
    Psychedelic/hip-hop/rock group The Constellations cover a bunch of different sounds on their brand new album. This dark but funky tune has soul, with a groovy beat and catchy chorus.

    4. "Glass Church" - Silver Pines - Night Smoker
    Silver Pines share a label with Pure Ecstasy and a member, Stefanie Franciotti, with my previous mixtape entry, Sleep?Over, so you can, to some extent, imagine how they sound &mdash a little slow, a little somber, etc. Where those bands can sound a little insular, however, Silver Pines sound wide open. "Glass Church", with it's plodding pace and reverb-heavy guitar licks, resembles the Texan landscape from which the band originates. You can almost hear the tumbleweeds.

    5. "Who's That? Brooown!" - Das Racist - Shut Up, Dude mixtape
    Kind of late to the party on this one, but Das Racist are two guys from BK making hilariously sloppy hip-hop really intelligently. Quoth NYMag: Das Racist "calls their approach deconstructionalist: sawing the legs out from under hip-hop as they celebrate it." It's well done, to say the least, and consistently lol-inducing. "Who's that? Brooown!" is the opening track on their newish mixtape and is as good of an intro as any. Warning: you'll either love it or hate it.

    6. "Keep Your Magic Out of My House" - Spectrals - Bad Penny
    Spectrals is a one-man show from the UK making some moderately fuzzy, 50s throwback pop. Then again, who isn't? He does it better than most though and the awesomely-titled "Keep Your Magic Out of My House" lopes along magnificently for it's three-minute duration. The lo-fi-ness of it adds to the rainy day feel and the nostalgia that lo-fi tends to produce is here in full force. It's simple, but great.

    7. "Power" - Kanye West - Good Ass Job
    Ye is back, with a vegence that makes McClain look like the Easter Bunny. This beat is dope, as Aziz Ansari would put it. Lookout for West's return to rap, Good ass Job, impacting September 14th. We're gonna need a bigger plot to plant ALL THESE BEATS (farm humor).

    8. "Got What You Need" - Young Rival - Young Rival
    Young Rival are a little under the radar, but their jammy rock tunes are kind of awesome, especially for those of you who plan on road tripping this weekend. Slap this bad boy on and hit the gas. Young Rival is out now.

    9. "Nothing's Gonna Hold Us Down" - Danger Radio - Nothing's Gonna Hold Us Down
    I know this song is awfully poppy, but come on! So catchy! Nothing's Gonna Hold Us Down hits 7/27.

    10. "White Magic" - CEO - White Magic
    The title track off this new band's album White Magic is very representitive of their overall aesthetic, a little vintage, a lot of hip electronic bits, blended with a dash of hipster dance hall. This is bound to make your barbeques judge each other.

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