fun of the day: bieber countdown to 18
    • FRIDAY, JULY 02, 2010

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    Our very own contributor Chris Gayomali has a bit of a tongue in cheek internet joke going on... an online countdown clock to Justin Bieber's 18th birthday. His simple approach to flaunting the Beebz has attracted viral media sites like Buzzfeed, blogs like Popeater, and even Time.

    The site itself is rather "vintage" looking... with lots of character driven titles, a tired looking slow-to-load clock, and some ridiculous pictures. Gayomali added a logo from Geocities, presumably for amplifying the irony of the skeleton of the site (it appears to be a Tumblr in reality, which for all intents and purposes is the 2010 equivalent of having your own Angelfire page).

    Of course an internet meme so wildly irreverent and unusual is bound to have copycats and claims of originality. The Joe Satriani of "Justin Bieber Countdown Clocks" (there is such a thing?) is pissed that Chris is getting all the meme love!

    The "original" countdown is a little more polished, but no less creepy. Ew.

    Donate to Chris's page if you feel so inclined. Or visit for the Dragon Ball Z GIF, circa 1997. Now THERE is an internet meme I can get behind. -joe puglisi

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