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    Riverboat Gamblers remind me of all the best parts of punk rock growing up. The old timers love to lecture about how we missed Sid Vicious, Joe Strummer, and even Ian McKay. But after punk rock was mostly over being angry and political, and before it gave itself over to the Twilight-looking, melodramatic screamo tendencies of Gerard Way and his morose imitators, there was a brief window when, believe it or not, punk rock was all about fun.

    However entertaining it may be to pass the days blaring your speakers while bouncing around your room, the soul of punk music has always been the live show. In their video for "Victory Lap," the first single off Underneath the Owl, Riverboat Gamblers go back and forth between the ennui of the tour bus and the glorious payoff of the eventual concerts. The too-cool-for-this stoicness which is the downfall of most indie shows is nowhere to be found here. Mike Wiebe throws himself around the stage while the kids throw themselves around the pit, in high contrast black and white, in streams of sweat and flashes of Converse-clad feet kicking out at odd angles. It's almost enough to make me want to throw on a Bouncing Souls tee and head over to the Warped Tour.

    See this and many other videos HERE

    For more Riverboat Gamblers goodness, check out our interview, or get your mosh on when they make a victory lap near your neck of the woods. -Nina Mashurova

    Riverboat Gamblers on Tour

    Jul 4 - Rubber Gloves - Denton, Texas
    Jul 15 - Antones - Austin, Texas
    Aug 9 - Eleanor Tinsley Park - Houston, Texas
    Aug 15 - Sputnik Halle - Muenster, Nordrhein-Westfalen
    Aug 16 - Chez Heinz - Hanover
    Aug 17 - Fear & Fury Festival - Essen
    Aug 18 - 59:1 - Munich
    Aug 19 - Chelsea - Vienna
    Aug 20 - Dynamo - Zurich
    Aug 21 - Zwolfsehn - Stuttgart
    Aug 22 - Highfield Open Air Festival - Erfurt
    Aug 23 - Tommyhaus - Berlin
    Aug 25 - Molotow - Hamburg
    Aug 26 - Melkweg - Amsterdam
    Aug 27 - Underground - Cologne
    Aug 28 - Reading Festival - Reading
    Aug 29 - Freebutt - Brighton
    Aug 30 - Leeds Festival - Leeds
    Sep 1 - Cafe de le Peche - Paris
    Sep 2 - Entrepot - Brugge
    Sep 3 - Vera - Groningen
    Sep 4 - Into The Great Wide Open Festival - Vlieland
    Oct 9 - Congress Theatre (RIOT FEST)- Chicago, Illinois

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