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    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 02, 2008

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    The quiet, sensitive singer/songwriter seems all the rage these days (see Bon Iver); everyone is loving that music to sit in a misty rowboat off the moor and mourn something or other. Now the original coastguard of indie blues is back with a new album and a new attitude. We might mention that Ray LaMontagne is less like Iver and more like a more laid back, folksy, likable Nick Drake. We just wanted to make the whole faux-french-name connection. Wait a minute; Ray's name is real. Whatever. The point is, we're pumped. It's called Gossip in The Grain.

    His last two albums faired well, and the third is poised to be bigger, better, and grander. While the first two were mostly a solo effort, this time around Ray is joined by his touring band, in order to "open up a bit more." Here is the track list:

    Henry Nearly Killed Me (It's A Shame)
    Hey Me, Hey Mamma
    I Still Care For You
    Winter Birds
    Meg White
    Achin' All The Time
    Let It Be Me
    A Falling Through
    Gossip In The Grain

    The album drops on September 30th. Until then, we'll be trying to figure out if the name is a play on Ray's well known carpenter skills... or his penchant for tea and whiskey parties.-joe puglisi

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