NOW PLAYING: Mako's Artistic Journey From Classical To The Heights Of Electronic Music
    • THURSDAY, JULY 19, 2018

    • Posted by: Nell Snow

    I've found that if you ask people what type of music they listen to, most will say that they listen to a bit of everything (except for country, of course). Yet this is rarely true...people tend to have a much narrower taste than they realize. Which is why it's so refreshing to find someone who has a true appreciation for the entire spectrum of genres. Alex Seaver is one of those people. Although best known for his DJ performances under the name Mako, Seaver got his start as a classical musician. That jump may seem extreme, but Seaver says that it felt completely natural. Many of his first favorite electronic artists, such as Swedish House Mafia and Above and Beyond, played with big, beautiful sounds that aimed to draw the same emotions as soaring symphonies. Seaver appreciated the shared beauty of the music but was drawn to the youthful and wild atmosphere of the electronic shows.

    "When you create a lot you can't really choose what you're going to fall in love with, it just kind of happens, and for some reason that stuff clicked really quickly for me."

    So Mako was born, the brainchild of Seaver and his close friend Logan Light. Mako very quickly made a name for itself with its upbeat dance tracks like "Smoke Filled Room," which reached 23 million plays on Spotify and "Beam," which has surpassed 25 million streams online. The act continues to evolve as it looks towards the future, and this last year and a half has been especially full of changes as Logan Light moved on to different things and left Seaver as a solo act.

    In its newest incarnation, Mako is looking to bridge the gap between electronic and live music, and is adding a violinist, a drummer, and a guitarist to supplement Seaver's sound. Seaver hopes that his new approach will help him connect to the audience in a stronger way, and so far it seems to be working. "This is the first time where it's like, I wrote a song in Los Angeles about something from my life and then I go to a city I've never been to and everyone is singing the song with me in the room. That… just changed the game for me."

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