Lana Del Rey is Pissed AF About Album Leak
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 19, 2017

    • Posted by: Caroline Bojarski

    Lana Del Rey's fourth studio album Lust For Life reportedly leaked at some point today, two days before its scheduled release date on Friday. Lana found out about the leak through fans' excited Twitter posts, and she didn't waste time sugar-coating her brief, angry response.

    Further Twitter dialogue with fans revealed that the link to the album has since been reported and removed, to which Lana replied with a fuming "Better be".

    To her fiery response to the leak I say, "You tell 'em, Lana!" While it is difficult for label and artist managers to calculate actual figures on how album leaks affect sales, leaks are disrespectful to the artists who put countless hours and an unquantifiable volume of ideas and experiences into the creation of their albums. Think about it. Lana wrote lyrics, wrote music, worked with a producer, collaborated with several other artists, and put in serious work to get the perfect cut of each song on Lust For Life so it would sound the way she wanted it to on the date she wanted to reveal it. The same applies for every other artist who has had their work leaked ahead of a scheduled release date.

    I'm not a recording artist, so I don't actually know how infuriating leaks are, but I assume it might be a little like planning an epic surprise party for a friend. You've invested time, money, and other peoples' help in making everything look right, you're proud of your work and can't wait to see the expression on your friend's face... and then someone tells them about the surprise, and they show up early. Maybe the party is just as amazing as it would have been had it stayed a surprise, but it's still not quite what you'd envisioned. Maybe multiply that feeling by 100 and you have an album leak?

    Anyway, just wait til Friday for Lust For Life... you little f***ers.

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