6 Artists That Need To Come Back Now, Please
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 19, 2017

    • Posted by: Larisha Paul

    We can all agree that one thing that should never be rushed is an artist's creative process–they need time to craft the perfect sounds to go along with the perfect lyrics they've written. I usually have no problem listening to an album on repeat while an artist takes a break to work on their next project, but after a while I start getting a little impatient. I mean, come on three years between albums is a bit extensive. There are quite a few artists who released albums that absolutely rocked, and then they retreated quietly into the darkness. So this is my public outcry to these artists, please come back. I miss you. My ears miss you. My wallet misses paying to see you live.

    1. Years & Years

    Fronted by the ever so wonderful Olly Alexander, Years & Years took the UK by storm back in 2015 with their debut album Communion. The album featured tracks "Desire," which was featured in the film We Are Your Friends, as well as "King" and "Shine." After the album release, Years & Years travelled around the world playing shows any and everywhere, including both regular and festival shows. The fact that there have been no official music releases since the album shatters my heart–they are honestly the pop band of my dreams and as much as I love Communion–I need something new.

    2. Jessie J

    I've been listening to Jessie J since middle school, when her track "Price Tag" dominated the radio and then again when "Domino" did the same. At this time, I didn't appreciate Jessie J for the vocalist that she is, it wasn't until she appeared on the absolutely iconic "Bang Bang" with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj that I realized what I was truly missing out on. Her third studio album Sweet Talker, released in 2014, was a complete masterpiece–from slow burning personal tracks to upbeat and empowering songs, I'm convinced there isn't a thing she can't do (except release another album. Please. I'm begging.)

    3. Sam Smith

    Back in 2012, Sam Smith won everyone over with not one, but three massive hits: Disclosure's "Latch," Naughty Boy's "La La La," and his own "Stay With Me." His debut album In the Lonely Hour was released in May of 2014, and since then we've all been left craving more. Everyone joked about how Sam Smith began his musical hiatus in 2015 when Adele returned with her album 25 after 4 years, but now Adele is done and Sam still isn't back, so now what? Everyone thought it was soooo funny but now we're all going without our powerhouse vocalists providing us with bops that are sure to make you cry if you pay enough attention to the lyrics. Some recent tweets of Sam's suggest that he may be returning to the charts sooner than we thought.

    4. The Neighbourhood

    "All I am is a man, I want the world in my hands. I hate the beach, but I stand in California with my toes in the sand." These were the first words I've ever heard Jesse Rutherford sing as the frontman of California band The Neighbourhood. "Sweater Weather" quickly became the band's most notable track, and it was on every playlist for at least a year, maybe even more. Search any playlist site for ‘Fall' or ‘Autumn' or ‘Warm' and I guarantee you "Sweater Weather" is on it. The band's debut album I Love You. was released in April of 2013 and in October of 2015 Wiped Out! followed. For me, Wiped Out! was The Neighborhood's true arrival, "The Beach" became one of my favorite songs ever made after listening to it once–yes, it's that good. It's been almost two years since the band's second album and I'm beyond ready for the third.

    5. Mikky Ekko

    When Rihanna released "Stay" in 2013, the buzz was quickly surrounding her collaborator Mikky Ekko, who lent vocals to the track. Personally, sophomore year me was a little to angsty to enjoy the track to its full potential, but by the time Ekko's debut album came out I was completely on board. The album is titled Time and was debuted in January of 2015. The 14 track album was marvelously diverse, with tracks like "Loner" and "Love You Crazy," which made for quality dance tracks, and "Pressure Pills" and "Comatose," which were slow burning and emotionally devastating. So, here we are, two years later–without any indication from Ekko of when we will be once again graced with his musical presence. If anyone needs me I'll be here very impatiently waiting for ME2.

    6. Magic Man

    For reasons other than the fact that Alex Caplow may very well be the love of my life, Magic Man might just be one of the greatest electro pop/rock bands of our time. Their debut album Before the Waves was released in 2014 ahead of a tour with Panic! at the Disco and Walk the Moon. 2015 was met with a Magic Man, Panama Wedding, and the Griswolds tour and 2016 was met with the departure of 3 members, leaving Alex Caplow and Sam Lee on their own just as they began. In 2015 word spread that the two had begun crafting their next album, and that was two years ago. Two. More like "two" long, am I right? Get it? Two like too? I'm hilarious. (I'm not actually, Magic Man please come back and give me something else to do with my time other than make bad jokes.)

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