TRACK REVIEW: 'If I Ever Was A Child' by Wilco
    • TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2016

    • Posted by: Robert Steiner

    Chicago-bred indie heavyweight Wilco has announced their upcoming record, Schmilco, along with a brand new song, "If I Ever Was A Child." Continuing the live-in-the-studio feel from their previous album, Star Wars, "If I Ever Was A Child" features your standard band setup with very little special effects or polish. It's your standard, very familiar sounding mix of folk and classic rock that would fit right in next to Elliott Smith or early Sufjan Stevens. While Star Wars had a heavy emphasis on electric instruments, this new track suggests a more stripped down and acoustic approach on this next record. Granted, the other single the band released a few days ago, "Locator," was more electric and experimental than "Child," but it was also released on the one-year anniversary of Star Wars, which may suggest the song was recorded during those sessions. "Child" may be more enjoyable for those who weren't into Star Wars' stranger tendencies, since it's a laid-back head bopper that never ventures to far from the indie-folk pocket.

    "Child" is a perfectly enjoyable, beautifully recorded song that doesn't overstay its welcome, but could come across as pretty standard folk-rock when comparing it to other bands and artists. If you were looking for something more in the vein of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot-era Wilco, you might be a little disappointed. That said, a quick skim through Wilco's nine albums show they have pretty much made a career tearing down their sound and building it back up again between each record, so fans should have nothing to fear if this particular song didn't stick. For what it is, "Child" is a solid, mellowed-out tune that's great if you just want to sit outside, grab a beer, and ignore all your nagging obligations for a bit.

    Schmilco is out September 9, but make sure to listen to "If I Ever Was A Child" now (above).

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