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    • FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2013

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    There's quite a bit of hype surrounding up-and-coming Irish indie rock quartet Kodaline. When we say 'up-and-coming', that only applies to the growing fan-fury in the States, as their debut album, In A Perfect World, has already hijacked the attention of the UK and Irish charts (currently at no. 3 and no. 2, respectively). After witnessing the band live during their recent stop at Hype Hotel, we can attest to the allure of their sound styling.

    We first fell for the group after catching their heart-wrenchingly relatable, strange, and inspiring music video for "All I Want" last year. Ever since, the group has continued to package their absorbable rock music with this emotional stew. With their Love Like This EP released in the U.S. this week, and their debut finally reaching our shores this October, we are certain their tunes will have similar effect on American ears.

    We recently caught up with Kodaline guitarist Mark Prendergast to discuss a technical mishap at Glastonbury, how their name is, but isn't associated with gamer culture, and found out how our fellow Americans have been treating the Dubliners on their recent tours.

    Some of the songs on your new album are pretty heavy. Are they written about anyone in particular?

    Yeah, every song on the album is about someone or something that's happened to us. Be that an ex-girlfriend or a friend. If a thing has a profound effect on us, we'll probably write about it.

    I heard that the sound system failed while you guys were playing at Glastonbury. What was that like? Did the crowd stick around to hear you finish your set?

    Yes, fortunately it was only broken for about five minutes. It was pretty scary but the crowd got behind us and when we went back on it was amazing. It's such an incredible festival and hopefully we'll go back sometime.

    Who was the best band you saw at Glastonbury?

    We didn't get to see much because we were supporting Kasabian the next day but we saw Peace. They're a band from Birmingham and their album is brilliant.

    One Direction's Niall Horan recently tweeted at his followers to purchase your album. Do you guys have any sort of previous relationship with him?

    Yeah we met him in London before. He found out we're Irish and he came to see a show. He's a real down to earth guy.

    How did it feel to have one of the top records on the UK Album Charts?

    It was mental; really overwhelming when it happened. We weren't expecting to chart so high, the response we've had so far has been incredible.

    So your name comes from the computer game World of Warcraft. Are you finding time to play games on tour? How do you unwind after a gig?

    Strangely enough we didn't actually know the name Kodaline was from World of Warcraft. We found out after we chose the name, very funny when we found out. We mostly play games on our phones. Ski Safari is a favorite.

    You guys did a gig in Boston a few months ago. What's your favorite part of playing in the States?

    Playing in the states is so different to Europe, there's more travelling involved and we got to see some amazing parts of America. We had a really good time in Arkansas; it's a really beautiful part of the country. Boston was one of the best shows for us, there's a huge Irish community there and we had a cracking time.

    Do you have a favorite song to play live from the new album, In a Perfect World?

    It changes every set but right now I really enjoy playing "Love Like This". It's a cool summer track and sounds incredibly Irish.

    Watch Kodaline perform "Love Like This" and more at Hype Hotel:

    Watch the full video at

    Who is the one artist that you can all agree has influenced Kodaline the most?

    It's very hard to pick one but probably the Beatles, they kind of influence everybody though. They're untouchable.

    It's refreshing to see a band take an interest in the suicide prevention charity Console. How did you get involved with Console?

    We met the guys from the charity a few months back and we really like the work they do so were happy to work with them and support them.

    Kodaline's Love Like This EP is out now, and their debut full-length In A Perfect World is scheduled to release October 8th. You can keep track of these talented, young Irishmen by following them on Twitter and liking them on Facebook.

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