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    • MONDAY, JULY 19, 2010

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    Siren Fest in New York, Pitchfork in Chicago, and a whole lot of heat all over the place. Joaquin Phoenix is still a rapper, and we're going to see a movie about it in September? And the highest paid musicians of 2010 look suspiciously like the highest paid musicians of 1989, plus some garbage.

    Festival Weekend!

    We'll have pictures from Siren Fest on Coney Island in Brooklyn, and from Pitchfork Fest in Union Park, Chicago. We will not have pictures of people staying cool and free of sweat, because those pictures don't exist.

    Joaquin Phoenix "Rapper Movie" is set for release in September.

    I'm Still Here is a movie chronicling his decision to quit acting and become a rapper, while dressing like a Blues Brothers/Matisyahu backing band reject. "Distributors insist it is not a mockumentary", haha, OK DISTRIBUTORS. SURE THING. [via Billboard]

    List without sarcasm: Top Ten Highest Paid Musicians of 2010 (According to Forbes):

    1: U2 $130 million
    2: AC/DC $114 million
    3: Beyonce Knowles $87 million
    4: Bruce Springsteen $70 million
    5: Britney Spears $64 million
    6: Jay-Z $63 million
    7: Lady Gaga $62 million
    8: Madonna $58 million
    9: Kenny Chesney $50 million
    10: Black Eyed Peas (Tie) $48 million
    10: Coldplay (Tie) -$48 million
    10: Toby Keith (Tie) $48 million

    OK I lied about the sarcasm. Are you kidding me? Two of these people ARE MARRIED. Several of these people released successful albums in the eighties. Oh, and that is one hell of a tie at the end there.

    Ugh, Monday. I saw Inception last night and I'm still trying to wake up from this dream. You too? HERE IS YOUR KICK.-joe puglisi

    WHAT DOES IT MEAN? -joe puglisi

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