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    • MONDAY, JULY 19, 2010

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    Your weekly guide to late-night music. Other than the novelty of "you still exist?" moments, this week's looking pretty weak with a steady string of reruns. But in case you only just got a TV or have recently decided to change your Luddite ways, I'll include some of those.

    TONIGHT (7/19): Janelle Monae (Last Call with Carson Daly)(rerun)
    OR: KISS (joking. but if you're not, they're on Leno)

    TUESDAY (7/20): I still haven't figured out if Flight of the Conchords count as a music group, but Jemaine on Jimmy Fallon will probably be the most fun for this night.

    WEDNESDAY (7/21): Weezer (Last Call with Carson Daly)(rerun)
    OR: The Temptations (Travis Smiley) ... as in, "My Girl." Where did they come from???

    Note: T-Pain is also on Daly. Do with that information what you will.

    THURSDAY (7/22): Steve Winwood (The Late Show with David Letterman)
    His solo stuff's a little (a lot) too 80's, but as the musical genius behind Traffic he'll probably have some wise words.

    FRIDAY (7/23): MGMT (The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson)
    And if you're really bored, you could always put the TV on mute and watch the Lady Gaga rerun on Ellen for her costumes. And I'll feel really guilty if I don't at least mention Paul McCartney on Letterman.

    Everyone's so lazy in the summer, record some new shows already! This week the old people are doing all the work, even without counting the actors who'll be appearing (John Travolta, Carol Channing...). But hang in there, next week there'll be a few of those young eye-candy acts. -selden paterson

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