Here's to 10 More Years of Tim and Eric
    • TUESDAY, JULY 18, 2017

    • Posted by: Alexander Spruch

    As I made my way through the bustling Times Square crowd toward the Town Hall venue to see Tim and Eric's 'Awesome Show' 10-year anniversary tour I could not help but wonder what I was in for. Sure, I had seen every episode of the duo's multiple times and was intimately familiar with their other projects such as Tom Goes to the Mayor and Bedtime Stories, but I still had no idea how their offbeat and strange sketches would translate live. Turns out my worries were for naught, as minutes into opener Dj Douggpound everyone in the sold-out audience was treated to a performance that elicited non-stop laughter. This would be the theme for the night, as the same hilarious energy was only heightened as headliners Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim took to the stage.

    After a short video introduction from the good doctor himself, Dr. Steve Brule, the duo arrived wearing fantastic white suits, top hats, and matching canes. With such outfits it was only appropriate that they broke into a high energy song and dance that lasted until Tim delivered some bad news to the crowd: this tour would mark the end of the duo. While this news was heartbreaking to the diehard Tim and Eric fans in the crowd, the pain of the blow was alleviated that the end of the show we were in for a treat with Tim's new character, Troi (for those paying close attention you'll remember we got a hint of Troi in the tour's announcement video).

    After this point Tim and Eric started bringing out characters from their infamous sketches, including a lengthy musical stint with Zwei Dunkel Jungen performing a collection of music numbers from the TV show. The highlight of which being their heartwarming song, "Please Touch Me." They did a number of their sketches live in a similar fashion, with twists to adapt for a live audience that made them enjoyable in a new way. An example of this was Dorbis PR, a popular sketch of theirs with the TV version basically being the pair being over enthused about repeatedly saying Dorbis over and over. In the live version Dorbis PR has opened a business school for boys. This allowed for them to bring audience members onto the stage to participate in the difficult yet hilarious curriculum. In short, the duo took beloved short sketches and fully fleshed them out to be enjoyed in ways not possible in their 12-minute Adult Swim TV show.

    Parts of the show were broken up by a new episode of the yet to air season 2 of Bedtime Stories. For those of you who haven't seen the first season, the show at its basic level is the Twilight Zone with a comedic twist. It's great and you should check it out. The episode they previewed was about a piano salesman played by Wareheim in desperate need to sell pianos while Heidecker's character of a boss was more concerned about securing his new favorite dessert, baklava. After the conclusion of the episode it was time for the big finale and the debut of Tim's new character Troi.

    I won't spoil the fun of Troi's debut but I will say the show ended with a couple of high notes. First, the duo decided to remain intact and would not be breaking up. This was great news for the crowd and we all erupted into applause as they broke into another dance number that was punctuated by 10 more years of Tim and Eric projected behind them as the music went on. The second and one of the most exciting moments of the show was the premiere of a full new episode of Awesome Show. The episode itself was funny and full of returning goofs and spoofs that you'll remember from the show that ended over 7 years ago. Before showing us the episode they asked the audience to keep it a secret and not spoil it on the internet, but since then it has been officially announced to premiere on Adult Swim some time in fall. Tim and Eric returned to the stage one last time and thanked their mentor and legendary comedian Bob Odenkirk who happened to be in the Friday night New York audience. Before leaving they informed us that there was a new comedian who they promised some stage time to, who unfortunately had the majority of his jokes drowned out by the house lights and loud exit music purposefully played by Dj Douggpound. It was a surreal ending that embodied the spirit of Awesome Show perfectly.

    Here's to ten more years of Tim and Eric.

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