Broken Social Scene Releases Video for 'Vanity Pail Kids,' Starring a Toilet
    • TUESDAY, JULY 18, 2017

    • Posted by: Victoria Fernandes

    Last month, the Canadian Indie-rock outfit returned to the scene with their fifth studio album Hug Of Thunder. Now, Broken Social Scene have released some noteworthy visuals for the stand-out track "Vanity Pail Kids." In the five minute video, we follow a beat-boxing toilet, down on his luck, trying to reach stardom. Yes, you read that right. Our protagonist is a toilet. Also, everyone else has garbage bags over their heads.

    Broken Social Scene videos are never without symbolism, and this latest release is no exception. On top of that, it's just as funny as it is thought provoking. Directed by the band's Kevin Drew and produced by the rest of BSS, the message is uniquely their own. By following this arrogant toilet, who just wants to be as famous as Grizzly Bear and have a drink with Ryan Gosling, we're given a glimpse into what Broken Social Scene has to say about the music industry. We see said toilet being rejected by recording officials, take shots at the bar, and get a lecture from some urinals.

    There's no question that this video is a wild ride, but it's a ride that's ultimately effective. With it's unique narrative, the video presents ideas about our obsession with fame and success in a way that uniquely Broken Social Scene, artistically and humorously.

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