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    • FRIDAY, JULY 18, 2008

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    "Original" is probably the most overused word in the music industry right now, so much so that most 'unique' bands are just more of the same slop we digest on a daily basis, with a different name (and the same flavor). Always a fan of the raw, unmixed, guitar driven indie pop song that no one's ever heard of, we're constantly on the hunt for freshness, often failing miserably. Sometimes, it just plops into our open ears. Lets hope we don't have a heart attack before we hear more from Cardiac Party, because they might just put the sizzle back in buzz band.

    Ok, so they aren't revolutionary. They don't break down harmonic structure or sing like shamans. They don't make incomprehensible noises. But they do write a twitchy, chopped up sing-along tune with kick, sass, and lyrics/song titles/sentiments straight from the book of strange. After all, they named their album after themselves (not in the conventional sense). Cardiac Party R Cactus Yard PA, the latter half of which, most clever music aficionados will note, is an anagram for the band name (first half?). We'd also like to note that "Noodle's Root" has a great ring to it (both literally and musically). While the track we hosted is the opener to the record, and is fairly straightforward, "Noodle" has an almost Neutral Milk Hotel nuance to it, with the signature incredibly distorted thingy, and an off-the-wall lyrical playground.

    If Titus Andronicus can gain cred with low-fi wailings and fuzz, then this guys might be next. And with the announced hiatus of former Arizona favorites, (i.e. The Format), we need a new choice band from the desert state. Not that these guys sound anything like Dog Problems; their jittery uniqueness isn't a bad thing at all. These guys might be something to keep an eye on. While we wait for fests like CMJ to notice them, we'll scratch our heads and try and dechipher what exactly "When I stencil on your brain, it brings surprises" means. -joe puglisi

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    MP3: Cardiac Party:: “ShaLA” - Unreleased
    MP3: Cardiac Party:: “Ice Pack For Head Wound” - Cardiac Party R Cactus Yard PA
    Cardiac Party on Myspace

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