Episode VI: Return of the Queens
    • MONDAY, JULY 17, 2017

    • Posted by: Jon Hopper

    Since ...Like Clockwork, Queens Of The Stone Age have been on hiatus, its members pursuing different musical projects and contributing to other acts like Iggy Pop and Gone Is Gone, with plenty of solo performances in between to keep the hungry fans sated. All we've known so far is that a new album was in the works following the end of the ...Like Clockwork tour. But now, it seems we won't have to wait much longer; under a spoof lie-detector test, Josh Homme neither confirmed nor denied key information about the album, such as whether or not it would be called Villains, or that the release date was set for August 25th of this year, as well as a few clever jabs at the band's own macho-man persona nudged in between. The most interesting revelation for me was that the album was produced by Mark Ronson (who also makes a cameo in the video), which makes me wonder just how different the sound of this album will be compared to their older work. We've already had a taste so far from "Feet Don't Fail Me" in the video, and the release of the single "The Way You Used To Do" the day after the video went up. Both have the maker's mark of an evolving sound that is edging (just edging) closer to a professionally crisp alt-rock sound with sprinkles of pop mastery. You can watch the video below:

    Will it be the best album ever? We'll see, but if the previews we currently have of it are any indication, I have high hopes. "The Way You Used To Do" is an ear-catching teaser of a song that I can't help but feel has an irony to the fact that its sound is so different from what the band used to do. Maybe that comes with time and experience, and especially the need to break off from the routine. Don't mistake me for being disappointed in that, in fact I'm ecstatic! You see a lot of bands that stray away from their origins, but end up alienating their fans and leaping into arctic waters without a drysuit. The Queens aren't straying in my eyes, they're evolving, incorporating new ideas in music as they come, and staying relevant. Josh Homme described the way he writes his songs as drawing from electronic and dance genres, giving a modern edge to a classic style that brings the best of the 90s and the 2000s together in an ever changing fusion that he calls ‘robot rock'. One of the things that makes Queens Of The Stone Age a fantastic and consistently relevant band despite how long they've been around is their ability to play up their style without wearing it out; they mix it up, and there's no room for the old rock purism that would hold them back from exploring the new.

    And that's not even talking about the absolutely kick ass cover art. Everything about this album is shaping up to be an artisan-crafted multimedia masterpiece. I'll be eagerly waiting for the release of Villains on August 25th.

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