8 Songs by The xx For Your Perfect Summer Road trip
    • MONDAY, JULY 17, 2017

    • Posted by: Andy Tran

    Ahh, the summer vibes—the high excitement of exploration and friendships—there's not much else like it. What do you do now? Hit the parks? Coney Island?


    Something a bit more adventurous, something that takes you on a journey—your perfect summer road trip. Take your friends, family, and pets and hit the road for a tune filled, mile-ridden drive. Here are 8 The xx essentials that you have to bring with you.

    1. Crystalised

    Beginning with a classic. A familiar tune that will get the vibes going. "Crystalised" builds that excitement of adventure, the image of hair blowing in the wind and the coast by your side. It's just the start but you'll want it to last forever already.

    2. I Dare You

    Continuing with the top down, wind rushing through the car cabin feel, "I Dare You" puts any second thoughts about the 400 mile trip you're embarking on to rest. Just put your hands up and enjoy the sunny rays and summer vibes.

    3. Basic Space

    Now it's time to groove in your seat, dance preferably, with "Basic Space." The beat fills your limbs with an inextricable feel of liveliness—it sweeps you away to be met in unison with their perfect harmony.

    4. Seasons Run

    "Seasons Run" is too perfect not to be sung along with. The lyrics are slow, carry a sentimental message, and Oliver Slim's voice captures everything needed in this world.

    5. A Violet Noise

    This is the part of the drive where you stare outside at the passing landscape thinking about life. Where it's heading and where you're heading—"A Violet Noise" packages all these thoughts into one dramatic yet lovely song.

    6. VCR

    Everyone's asleep but you and the driver. Into the long expanse of the road he drives but—you, in the backseat sit back and listen to the gravel churning beneath the wheels, thoughtless but "VCR" plays in the background. The sun gets lower and lower approaching the horizon with its orange glow resonating into the land around you.

    7. Swept Away

    Now putting in earphones to catch one last glimpse of that first afternoon of excitement and curiosity "Swept Away" plays. It's nostalgic yet a reminder that there are 300 miles still left to travel—so enjoy every mile of it.

    8. Infinity

    Now it's 8pm and the sun is gone but there's still a hue of faded light outside and "Infinity" puts you to sleep but it's a sleep knowing that you're being taken to somewhere new, awaiting your arrival.

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