10 Underground Rap Tracks That Will Make You Rage
    • MONDAY, JULY 17, 2017

    • Posted by: Andy Tran

    There's been an influx of underground rappers lately and it's causing a wave of rage that's sweeping across hip-hop. With the breakout of Xxxtentacion, young-lings are hoping to catch a day in the mosh pits at one of these intense underground shows. Granted there are some questionable themes to the lyrics of underground rap but it undoubtedly will bring out your inner Slayer. So get on your feet and head bang to these 10 underground tracks.

    1. Xxxtentacion – "King"

    Starting things off with a slow build up. The first half of this song we hear Xxxtentacion singing poetically with only strings in the back. But at the 1:08 mark, we get a full blast of punk, rock, and metal sounds that shock you at how well put together this song is.

    2. Xavier Wulf – "Thunder Man"

    Now Xavier Wulf has a different vibe. With a legitimate flow he spits bars over a dark, ominous beat that hits hard with the hi-hat.

    3. Craig Xen – "Voltage"

    Alright now combine Xavier Wulf's flow with Xxxtentacion's intensity and we have Craig Xen. There is nothing soft about this song. He screams lyrics over a bass heavy beat that would wreak havoc on an unprepared sound system.

    4. Bones – "Okay, But This Is The Last Time"

    Bones is a veteran in the underground game. He was featured on A$AP Rocky's song "Canal St." for his deep mellow voice that hints of hard times. This song bumps well written verses about incoming rappers stealing his style, which is very true considering how popular underground rap has gotten.

    5. Death Grips – "You Might Think He Loves You for Your Money But I Know What He Really Loves You for It's Your Brand New Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat"

    Death Grips is also another great underground hip-hop artist that has been pioneering this chaotic sound. This song is rage in its most audible form. I won't even try to explain—click play and go crazy.

    6. Ski Mask the Slump God – "BabyWipe"

    A close friend of Xxxtentacion, Ski Mask the Slump God has ridden a quick ride to popularity through numerous features on X's songs. With a similar vibe to his friend expect to hear a lot of energy and references to sexual encounters with women.

    7. Beam – "Chris Travis"

    Chris Travis has a tactic of half screaming his lines over an intense beat—which works. This beat is full of heavy bass and EQ changes that leaves a funky feel but retains the typical rage that underground rap is.

    8. Xxxtentacion – "RIP Roach"

    Another Xxxtentacion song because he's been doing right. He combines the genres of rock, metal, and rap better than anyone else in this list. With RIP Roach we hear moaning girls, piano, percussion, bass, just the works. Listen in to head bang and hear him scream his lungs out.

    9. Night Lovell – "Dark Light"

    "Dark Light" has a dark tone that puts you into a sacrilegious trance. Night Lovell's got a clear, deep voice that strikes through the bass and hi-hat filled beat.

    10. Yung Lean – "Crystal City"

    Ah, the one and only. Yung Lean. Unknowing to many he is a Swedish rapper from Stockholm—and he's got quite the sound. Using trance sounds, "Crystal City" enlists the talents from A$AP Ferg to spit a bangin' verse. Give it a listen and experience the icy Yung Lean.

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