10 Songs To Listen To When The Feels Hit
    • MONDAY, JULY 17, 2017

    • Posted by: Josh Han

    We all experience highs and lows in life, even talented artists face both good and bad times. Personally, I'm kind of like Drake: it's easy to break my heart. So I can confidently say that I know the songs to listen to when you've got a case of the blues. Here's a list of 10 songs that will help you feel like you're not alone, when you start to catch feels.

    1. "Myself" - NAV

    This is the opening song in Nav's debut self-titled album and it's all about how he hates fame. This song is for when you're upset at yourself simply because you're you. Hey, it happens sometimes.

    "When I'm sober I just don't like who I am / Pour me up a 4 and I'll feel like myself again."

    2. "Monday"- Photay

    Mondays are the worst... I mean, having the best weekend of your life and then going back to work? No thanks. It's easy to feel blue about the beginning of the week.

    "I just woke up and it feels like another day / The Monday that never ends."

    3. "Love For That" - Mura Masa

    For those in a toxic relationship that they shouldn't be in, yup, this single by Mura Masa was personally created for you.

    "Baby I'm not the one to help you make decisions 'cause I need some time from you to know if this is best for us."

    4. "Go Out Tonight" - Drake

    Or just every song by Drake ever.

    "Oh you don't need that girl, she did it all wrong / You was still you before she ever came along."

    5. "Not a Regular Person" - A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

    Off the album Highbridge the Label: The Takeover Vol. 1, this one is for any type of sadness.

    "I feel like they had me on standby / See the pain in my damn eyes."

    6. "Teleport 2 Me, Jamie" - Kid Cudi

    This is another lowkey song. Off Cudi's WZRD album when he was testing the rockstar waters. Cudi is in a long-term relationship with the girl he's singing to, and the distance is taking a toll on him.

    "You call out to me through the light / I know you must be close / The moment when I realized it's all in my mind the moment I hate the most."

    7. "How Hard I Try" - filous, James Hersey

    This is for those in a relationship that once seemed perfect. You're trying your hardest to make it work, but you know it's just not meant to be.

    "I'm holding on to many things passed / To anything that's gonna change my memories back."

    8. "Side Effects" - Future

    Off Honest, Future raps about his girlfriend who is perfect. The beat really sets the vibe. Combine that with Future's yearning voice and he'll have you moving your hips and crying out the lyrics in no time.

    "Cause I never take nothing from you, you deserve it all / Just tell me what it costs, ball ‘til we fall."

    9. "I Fall Apart" - Post Malone

    From Stoney, Post Malone lulls us into a dreamy state singing about a girl that will never accept him for who he is.

    "Feelin' like I sold my soul / Devil in the form of a whore."

    10. "One Last Time" - Ariana Grande

    Ariana rips her heart out and leaves it out for her man to abuse in this banger. She wants her lover back and she'll do anything to get him. Even though she admits to cheating in the first line of the song, I can't help but sympathize with her vulnerability.

    "Feel like a failure / 'Cause I know that I failed you / I should've done you better / 'Cause you don't want a liar."

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