New Name Same Image for JR JR aka Dale Earnhard Jr Jr
    • FRIDAY, JULY 17, 2015

    • Posted by: Joseph Farago

    JR JR, formerly known as Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., the epitome of outlandish indie-pop, has released their first song under their fresh new moniker. Releasing a statement last night, the band expressed the introduction of a new name as a way to mitigate confusion. They said that their presence in particular settings were often miscalculated by fans, stating that some people would drive to their concerts expecting that they would see the NASCAR superstar. So, though the name is ridiculous and iconic for the band, at least this change of name was done with the best intentions. Dropping the famous stock car racer's full name from their musical pseudonym will probably make some fans upset, but I think the excitement of a new, wholeheartedly pop track will ease the change at least a little bit.

    The new single is called "Gone" and it's vivacious as one would expect, booming with indie staples: harmonies, whistling, you name it. It's exciting and spirited, moving through time with a consistent thud of the bass drum. Along with the release comes a video visualizer, constantly reanimating the text "JR JR". Sometimes the letters hold psychedelic visuals, sometimes the letters flap as if wind were rustling its edges. It's fun, and definitely mirrors the playfulness of this pop-induced euphoria.

    Their self-titled debut album is out September 25th.

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