Coliseum's Ode To Blood Suckers
    • FRIDAY, JULY 17, 2015

    • Posted by: Niko Demetriou

    If you're going to create a track named "Sharp Fangs, Pale Flesh," I wanna see some Bram Stoker in the music video. Thankfully, I think as a society we're past our over-romanticized modern depiction of vampires and can begin restoring the appropriate image for the anti-holy entities. Coliseum does what they can to help with this and give us an eerie new video for the vampiric track off of their new album, Anxiety's Kiss.

    The narrative breaks down to the simplest of vampire tropes, but still retains what it is that drives the terror behind the blood-sucking demons. A man seemingly lost within himself becomes enticed by a mysterious vampiress and seals his fate in doing so. Will Oldham (Bonnie 'Prince' Billy) is our protagonist here, a fitting choice considering the shambling style of his music, with his wearily creaky voice. With him comes a focus on the biblical, demonic notions associated with vampires; a fascination with snakes, an intense focus on the bible and a contradicting superimposition of the hooded being within a church. Heavy shadows and thick mist set the scene as Will embraces the supernatural being; they dance and hold one another before his time comes. As the vampiress moves her lips over his neck, there's a languorous smirk on Will's face that gave me the Dracula sensation I was hoping for. The whole video feels like a following of one of the Count's wives, and I love it. The track itself is appropriately brooding and dark with a screeching guitar and strong beat, a much needed break from today's typical vampire works.

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