Movies We Can't Wait For: CASSETTE
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 17, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Back in 2011 Zack Taylor and Seth Smoot created a Kickstarter campaign with an ambition to produce a documentary about the cassette tape. Fast forward two years and $25,000 later, and we have the first official trailer for Cassette: The Documentary.

    According to the funding profile, the duo was inspired to reflect on the history of the format after the term cassette tape was removed from the Oxford English Dictionary. This banishment seemed a bit unjust considering the resurgence of cassette culture.

    The nostalgic tale features personal chats with Henry Rollins, Daniel Johnston, Mike Watt, Ian MacKaye and more. Watch below.

    The cassette culture seems to be catching heat as yesterday International Cassette Store Day 2013 was officially scheduled for September 7th. If you're as perplexed as we are as to where to find your nearest "cassette store", locations will be announced next week.

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