Typical DeMarco Attitude on Newest Track
    • THURSDAY, JULY 16, 2015

    • Posted by: Joseph Farago

    Mac DeMarco, everyone's favorite disheveled musician, is preparing for the release of his mini-LP in August. And though we have to wait for another month to hear the newest collection of reverb-enriched melancholy, some of his tracks have already been released. With his music rapidly constructing a grandiose fan base, there's nothing more impressive than the consistency of his lackadaisical sound.

    On the newest release, "I've Been Waiting For Her", DeMarco continues his pseudo-romantic fantasizing of the woman of his dreams. From the instant classic "My Kind of Woman" to "Ode to Viceroy", Mac DeMarco has consistently dabbled in romance since his humble beginnings. With hazy guitars and a voice drawling at every note, it's hard not be convinced of his earnestness. "I've Been Waiting For Her" only adds more wood to the fire of affectionate tales, persisting the standard DeMarco protocol. With his effortless and leisured vocal style, he drags you into a self-constructed daydream of love and relaxation. It's so typical of him, yet still so effective.

    With "I've Been Waiting For Her" falling short of three minutes, at least it alleviates some of the stress in the insatiable want for more Mac DeMarco tracks. It's nice to know with so much changing in our modern world, that the imaginative tone of his lethargic music remains the same. The new LP, Another One, is out on August 7th.

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