Nate Ruess's 'Great Big Storm' is Great Big Fun
    • THURSDAY, JULY 16, 2015

    • Posted by: Joseph Farago

    Everyone knows the grandiloquent pop project fun., the band with the majorly popular song "We Are Young" [Ed. Note: "Some Nights" is better. This is an objective fact]. Bursting on the scene in 2012, fun. dominated the charts with numerous songs, all utilizing the same, anthemic characteristics that make their sound so enjoyable. With prominence and success under their belt, many of the members have gone off to follow their solo careers [Ed. Note: I'm slowly accepting that fun. is broken up]. Nate Ruess, the striking, theatrical frontman of fun., is the latest to release his own music. With a debut album consisting of booming rock-pop endeavors and charismatic, bombastic vocal melodies, Ruess is still capitalizing on his unique brand of accessible music.

    In Ruess's newest venture, he's created a music video to accompany one of his songs "Great Big Storm." Walking down a seemingly deserted street in Montreal, a full marching band ends up accompanying Ruess's jovial stride, along with a vehement downpour by the final minute. The song has a myriad of anthemic elements to it: hard-hitting drums, positive lyrical content, and a loud, boisterous vocal timbre guiding us on this euphoric journey. Ruess is smiling and dancing throughout the video, bouncing from street corner to street corner in a jubilant manner that can only be defined as infectious. Though Ruess is definitely his own musical entity unrelated to his highly successful band, the adjective fun is still the only adjective most appropriate to describe the excitement and energy in his composition.

    Ruess's debut album, Grand Romantic, is out now and watch the music video for "Great Big Storm" below.

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