My Brightest Diamond's Riverside Dramatics
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 16, 2014

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    As you no doubt already know, we enjoy pointing cameras at the most compelling musicians we can round up. There are others, obviously, who share in this passion. We see their work all the time. Some of it is piss poor and some of it is sensational. Some of these productions were captured on a dime, others flash the cash with their egregious use of jibs, surreal lighting, and obscene locations. After this session hit our inbox yesterday, we felt compelled to give a little props to the gang at Mason Jar Music and this wonderful bit of video they created with Shara Worden - aka My Brightest Diamond.

    Specializing in turning derelict, long abandoned settings into cinematic backdrops, the participants in this one traveled to the Glenwood Power Station in Yonkers, New York. Initially slated for a haunting performance inside the decaying building, the production runs into a snag with the local fuzz. The setting shifts to a gusty, riverside destination with dramatic results. Performing "Dreaming Awake", Shara enlists a chorus of horns, woodwinds, percussion, and companion voices to summon some serious goose bumps. The song is from her None More Than You EP.

    We captured our own performance with Shara a few years back. Have a little peak at some Baeble history.

    Watch the full video at

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