Friends First. Bandmates Second. Radical Dads.
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 16, 2014

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Hey there. Here's a song. Please take a moment and let it rip.

    We like these guys. They're from Brooklyn. One of them used to play in Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Which is a good band name, by the way. But not as good as Radical Dads. That's probably why he left. Because Radical Dads is a GREAT band name. Or like, this other band are just his buds. Good, good buds. "Friends first. Bandmates second. Radical Dads". That's the mantra. We know because they told us.

    See, we recently asked Lindsay, Robbie, and Chris to bring the spunky, sloppy punk rock they spazz through on their most recent album Rapid Reality by The Brooklyn Half Marathon Pre Party, Presented By New Balance. Runners need to hear something other than Avicii from time to time. The set ripped, obviously, but we wanted to know more about this lovable trio of noise rock aficionados. We asked very serious, rock journalist questions. They wanted no part in our very serious rock and roll conversation. A bit of a snarky spree erupted instead. Have a look and learn a little bit about the mysterious origins of that paternal namesake of theirs ("post Wolf"), what they plan to do about a rival rad dad band (join them?), and their take on all things Brooklyn really. Then'll probably want to give Rapid Reality a spin or two.

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