The Joke Is On Kiss 108 and Taylor Swift: Vote for Charles Z.
    • TUESDAY, JULY 16, 2013

    • Posted by: David Spelman

    In the world of online imageboard site 4chan, users tend to enjoy messing with people in a variety of ways. Realizing they can rig just about any online vote, 4chan-ers have exiled Pitbull to Northern Alaska for a "play at your hometown Walmart" performance and hacked a Taylor Swift "perform at your school" contest, making Boston's Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing the winner. While she understandably wrote a check for $10,000 instead of playing there, it will be interesting to see how Miss Swift handles this one.

    Boston radio station Kiss 108 is offering a chance to meet the "Red" singer, but the message board trolls have decided to help a creepy man crush the dreams of thousands of little girls. Charles Z.'s entry to the contest fails to mention that he would like to sniff T-Swifts hair, but we say help the guy fulfill his dream anyway by voting here. Tonight is not the night to forget about the deadline, which is this Sunday. Let's hope Charles Z. is nothing like the Selena Gomez fan below, but hey, she'll know if he's trouble when he walks in.

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