Mumford and Sons Announce New Album Almost Named After Us
    • MONDAY, JULY 16, 2012

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Folk heroes Mumford and Sons have announced the title of their new album, obtusely named after us. Babel will be released on September 24th, and due to poor spelling on the internet, will undoubtedly lead to several mistaken searches leading people to our website.

    CEO David Moffly said, "We are so pleased that Mumford as decided to kind of name their second album after our company. We feel the love. We used to be discouraged by the rampant misspelling of our name, but after this, it was all worth it."

    The tracklisting also features a variety of spry, subtle references to Baeble.

    1. Babel (Obvious.)
    2. Whispers In The Dark (The power went out in part of the office while running the microwave and the AC last week.)
    3. I Will Wait (...for the artist to be ready to shoot their video.)
    4. Holland Road (They have a lot of bikes in Holland, and we have a lot of cyclists here in the office, hence the nickname.)
    5. Ghosts That We Knew (Casper was our first intern.)
    6. Lover Of The Light (Referring to our love of Yoplait.)
    7. Lover's Eyes (Terrible eye allergies.)
    8. Reminder (My cubicle is covered in Post-It notes.)
    9. Hopeless Wanderer (One of our recent interns was from out of town and was frequently lost.)
    10. Broken Grown (??? Not even sure what this means literally.)
    11. Below My Feet (Rooftop sessions.)
    12. Not With Haste (Summer Fridays.)

    Mumford and Sons played a great, perhaps career launching concert at Music Hall of Williamsburg a few years ago, and we were there.

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