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    • FRIDAY, JULY 16, 2010

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    This week we pay tribute to the Pitchfork Music Festival&mdash happening right now in Chicago&mdash with a mixtape populated with bands playing this weekend's sun soaked festivities, curated by Pitchfork editor Tyler Grisham.

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    1. "Boyfriend" - Best Coast

    Best Coast are California's Bethany Consentino and Bobb Bruno, and their debut album, Crazy For You&mdash which opens with this track, "Boyfriend"&mdash is a collection of short-and-sweet beach-ready jams, influenced in equal measure by the tunefulness of 60s girl-groups and the economy of 70s punk.

    2. "All I Want" - LCD Soundsystem

    James Murphy has been recording for the past decade or so under the moniker LCD Soundsystem, and the progression from debut single "Daft Punk Is Playing at My House" to this year's LP, This Is Happening, has been marked by an increasing maturity and absorption of a wide range of musical influences, from post-punk to dance-pop&mdash it's his most solid record yet.

    3. "Walk In The Park" - Beach House

    Beach House have continued to refine their ornate, baroque pop sound over three albums, each featuring more complex songwriting than the last. "Walk in the Park" may be the most haunting and beautiful tune the duo has written yet, and they have a remarkable ability to translate the beauty of their productions to a live setting.

    4. "Take Pills" - Panda Bear

    Panda Bear, a member of the avant/electronic/folk/pop outfit Animal Collective, has released a few solo albums, including 2007's highly praised Person Pitch. Blending elements of Gregorian chant, Beach Boys harmonies, and intricately layered loops and samples, "Take Pills" is a nice bite-sized sample of Panda Bear's skewed take on pop.

    5. "Gold Soundz" - Pavement

    Pavement are the elder statesmen of indie rock, having gained a cult following during their original 10-year run and now selling out festivals and summer reunion concerts around the world. "Gold Soundz" is taken from their 1994 sophomore album Crooked Rain, and also kicks off Quarantine the Past, the career retrospective best-of released earlier this year.

    6. "Twin Peaks" - Surfer Blood

    Florida's Surfer Blood may be young (all members are in their early twenties) but their tastes in music are voracious and wide-ranging. Incorporating a range of historical influences from classic rock sing-along choruses to West African-influenced guitar riffs, Surfer Blood's debut, Astro Coast, is full of songs, like "Twin Peaks", that you won't be able to get out of your head.

    7. "Shutterbugg" - Big Boi

    Half of the wildly popular hip-hop group OutKast, Big Boi has finally launched out on his own with his solo debut, Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty. With guest spots from Gucci Mane, Janelle Monae, T.I., Jaime Foxx, and of course his OutKast partner Andre 3000, Sir Lucious Left Foot boasts an embarrassment of production riches&mdash including this first single "Shutterbugg".

    8. "Keep It Goin' Louder" - Major Lazer

    Major Lazer is the prolific production duo of Diplo and Switch, whose debut album, Guns Don't Kill People... Lazers Do, features the team's dancehall-inspired beats backing performances by Santogold, Amanda Blank, and on this track, "Keep It Goin' Louder", Nina Sky and Ricky Blaze, as well as a host of others.

    9. "6669 (I Don't Know If You Know)" - Neon Indian

    One of the more prominent acts riding the recent chillwave trend is Texas' Neon Indian, aka Alan Palomo of VEGA. His blend of warped-tape production and sun-kissed synth tones makes his debut album, Psychic Chasms, a quintessential summer-day mix.

    10. "Dancing On My Own" - Robyn

    Robyn should be the biggest pop star in the world. Hailing from Sweden, she originally made her stateside splash in the mid 90s with hits like "Show Me Love" and "Do You Know (What It Takes)" and has enjoyed a renaissance in the past few years, after she bought out her record contract and self-released her previous self-titled album. 2010 sees her return with not one but three promised full-lengths, and the singles from the first installment, Body Talk Pt. 1, are already tearing up dancefloors around the world.

    -tyler grisham

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