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    • FRIDAY, JULY 16, 2010

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    It was 10:00pm and Rooney had yet to take the stage. The audience was growing restless. Not only did I notice that I might have been one of the oldest ones at Irving Plaza (at 21), but also, how quickly the air thickened with anticipation (and literal sweat) as everyone eagerly wove their bodies into the front lines of the hall.

    Every girl in the venue was itching for a glance at the Rooney Lead singer, Robert Schwartzman. Princess Diaries' star turned rockstar (or was it the other way around?), Schwartzman had a way of making them all just giggle with excitement. They all cocked their heads up and balanced on tippy toes, leering backstage. "OMG, is that him?"

    Soon, I realized how much I'd initially underestimated their devotions, which I mostly assumed to be hormonal.. When Rooney finally appeared on stage, the crowd exploded with applause and screams (it sounded like a high G major chord ringing in my brain!). Without any further introduction, the guys from Rooney blasted into their set with a kind of electricity I have only experienced recently with bands like Broken Social Scene or Explosions in the Sky.

    But beyond their own musicality, they definitely had a way with the girls in there. They continued to play song after song from their new album Eureka, and each time, Schwartzman made a point to lock eyes with the girls in the crowd and made them feel like he was speaking to each of them personally. Smooth move, Schwartzman, smooth move... -Phoebe Chung

    Eureka is out now. Check out our session at Brooklyn Bridge with the dreamy Schwartzman and his gang.

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