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    • FRIDAY, JULY 16, 2010

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    From A Fountain is Douglas Kirby, a guy from South Dakota who makes music that can best be described as a kind of off-kilter, choral folk-pop, somewhat like a less bombastic Sufjan Stevens or Phil Elverum without the experimental, noisy bits.

    His newest album, Shale & Sandstone (which drops 8/31 on Park the Van Records), exemplifies the equal parts delicacy and playfulness that go into From A Fountain's recordings. All of the pianos, horns, and what-have-you sound meticulously arranged and gingerly played which lends a kind of airiness to the proceedings, a feeling compounded by the similar levity of Kirby's vocals.

    But for all the lightness, there is a lot going on in these songs &mdash the male/female harmonies soar and the selectively used, squiggly electronics nose their way into tracks like "Morning" to give the music a much-needed jolt. It's interesting material and From A Fountain clearly have a lot of talented musicians at their disposal. Give "Man I Wed" a listen and look out for Shale & Sandstone in August. -ben krusling

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    MP3: "Man I Wed"
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