nothin' but the five stages of grief
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    In her video for "Nothing But a Miracle", pianist Diane Birch ushers viewers through the five tumultuous stages of grief. There is "Denial"; here Diane glides slowly down a stark grey street, spends a little lonely time at table set for two, gazing out the window waiting...yup. that's denial all right. Next up, a fun one..."Anger". Here our girl grabs some sheers and shreds her lover's clothes. After that, it's "Bargaining", cruising in the back seat of a cab, headed for a night out. This NEVER work, and to no one's surprise, Diane finds herself locked between the jaws of "Depression" this case it's a bedroom, a record player, and all that intense, depressed emotion. Finally "Acceptance", which sort of looks like the beginning of denial. She's on that same street again, going who knows where. Yup, that's sort of what it's like. Throughout it all though Diane pounds her Wurlitzer's keys, singing this loungey little wonder of a tune. - David Pitz

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    diane birch on tour

    Jul 16 - Battery Park Concert Series - Burlington, Vermont
    Jul 19 - World Cafe Live - Philadelphia
    Jul 20 - Mexicali Live - Teaneck, New Jersey
    Jul 21 - IOTA Club & Cafe - Arlington, Virginia
    Jul 25 - Roosevelt Island - New York, New York
    Jul 27 - Hotel Cafe - Los Angeles, California
    Aug 1 - The Crofoot Ballroom - Pontiac, Michigan
    Aug 9 - Stubbs - Austin, Texas
    Aug 12 - The Mercy Lounge - Nashville, Tennessee
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