Night Riots Take An Unusual Morning Run
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 15, 2015

    • Posted by: Niko Demetriou

    Night Riots are a very familiarly unfamiliar group. No strangers to the Tim Burton-esque mysterious and gloomy, but still very lively vibrations, the SoCal band likes to keep things synth-heavy and anthemic. While the bandmates continue their summer tour, they give us a new video for "Oh My Heart" off of their 2015 EP Howl: a simple but beautifully composed piece of film.

    I can't shake a very "Karma Police" sensation I'm getting here. Lead singer Travis Hawley runs down a vast desert highway, belting his heart out. Minus the car explosion, it shares the familiar mysterious build and absent visuals of the classic Radiohead music video [Ed. Note: My first thought here was of David Lynch's cult classic Lost Highway]. Here we find ourselves in a much more pleasant scenery, as well. Perfectly aligned with the sunrise, there's a beautiful desert mountain landscape that stretches across Travis's shoulders. Whatever it is he is meant to be running towards here, it's something very clearly powerful; as he comes to his finale, the singer shakes as he's bathed in light. Take it to mean whatever you want, but it's a fitting visual experience for such a strong track.

    Watch Night Riot's video below and be sure to check out our exclusive session with the band as well.

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