Empire Of The Sun Hits Korea
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 15, 2015

    • Posted by: Niko Demetriou

    I love how much Korean pop culture disregards absolutely everything around it. Some of the stuff coming out of South Korea feels like it's from Krypton, but in the most theatrically absurd and nostalgic bone tingling way. Everything has a hint of neon to it and each product follows the flawless anime logic of the more shit that gets blasted on screen, the more people love it. Where this glorious, seizure-inducing visual style manifests itself most is in the extremely popular karaoke scene of Korea, and fittingly this is where Empire Of The Sun takes their new video for "Celebrate."

    While we're not getting a new track from the electro-glam-pop duo, "Celebrate" off of their 2013 album Ice On The Dune gets an appropriately bright music video treatment. Complete with Korean karaoke subtitles and sci-fi visual effects, the funky dance track gets the entire K-pop overhaul. Luke Steele, half of the DJ team, patrols the streets of Korea in an undeniably fabulous gold getup, visiting karaoke bars, street corner casinos, and a fish market or two. The over the top visuals you'd come to expect are all here, crafting some hilarious interactions between Luke and the locals around town. The whole video is a fun reminder of why we love Empire Of The Sun so much, it's a glamorous track that has found a fitting foreign home.

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