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    • TUESDAY, JULY 15, 2014

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    I've always admired the commitment Australian musicians have to make to their art. In America, one can tour (and tour well) without ever having to cross an international border. Big gigs, intimate gigs, weird gigs, dream gigs; all are for the taking in the comfort of our homeland. In Australia, however, one can only make the massive loop of the country so many times. Eventually, bands have to take a very long flight to get to the next level.

    Boy & Bear, one of The Aussie's biggest exports, recently hopped the day-long flight for North America in the name of a slew of massive music festivals and intimate club dates. Somehow we also convinced them to play their smallest show of the tour during our inaugural Bands and Brews series, held high school cool party style in the Baeble basement. Pulling songs from their most recent album Harlequin Dream, today's session offers a dreamy, if not slightly whimsical swath of tunes, whipped up for a gathering of well-lubricated guests. What follows is a pleasant brew of frontier folk that flows like a cold river over hot flashing, big city dwelling hearts, providing a nice moment to slow down, ruminate, let the buzz kick in, and appreciate such a stunning musical gift from way overseas.

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