A Great Big Pile Of Leaves You're Always On My Mind
    • MONDAY, JULY 15, 2013

    • Posted by: Stephanie Orentas

    Generally speaking, the second LP from a growing artist can be more indicative of long-term success than a well-received debut. Consistency in songwriting, musical growth, and band chemistry is incredibly important in crafting a successful follow-up album. However, with an increasingly saturated market of do-it-yourself artists, innovation and creativity are a must in the continual effort to push musical boundaries. While the sophomore effort from Brooklyn-based indie rockers A Great Big Pile of Leaves might not be groundbreaking stuff, it serves as an apt continuation of a seemingly successful career trajectory.

    You're Always On My Mind is a catchy, high energy record that draws the listener in with smooth melodies and an ethereal feel perfect for relaxing and enjoying all that a hot, city summer has to offer. The follow-up to the 2010 album Have You Seen My Prefrontal Cortex? marks the first time the band has worked with an outside producer and had the marketing and distribution support of a label. However, You're Always On My Mind does more to show the musical consistency of A Great Big Pile of Leaves than it does the influence of outside parties. The album is well played and produced, and clearly works as a cohesive unit, yet its consistency lacks some dynamic as many of the songs have a similar feel.

    That is certainly not to say there is a lack of interesting and enjoyable material on the album. The opening track, "Snack Attack," gives off a grunge rock vibe with a chorus that almost sounds like it was influenced by Toadies' "Possum Kingdom" combined with a more airy vocal style that acts more as another melodic element than it does a stand out vocal performance. The album continues on a similar path until the sixth track, "Egocentrism," which features a nice acoustic intro and serves as a short and to the point interlude in an otherwise uniform flow of rhythmic and melodic structures.

    You're Always On My Mind is a solid follow-up effort from a band that has seemingly found its sound and made a conscious effort to maintain that sound. Appropriately titled, the record's catchy and upbeat feel might always be on your mind and there are certainly worse things to have stuck in your head this summer.

    You're Always On My Mind is out now on Topshelf Records. Get your copy here.

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