Watch: Demi Lovato
    • FRIDAY, JULY 15, 2011

    • Posted by: Elana Ehrenberg

    Demi Lovato, well known for her roles in Camp Rock!, Sonny With A Chance and other various Disney childstar productions, has just released her new music video for the song "Skyscraper". The song has been standing tall as number one on iTunes for the past couple days and focuses on Lovato's recent struggle with afflictions like an eating disorder and depression, two very fresh things for a young, wealthy woman to be dealing with.

    The song is anything but funny, but certainly seems to inspire more laughter than commiseration. True, it's "raw" and "emotional", as she breaks down crying multiple times during the track, but wandering around the DESERT singing about SKYSCRAPERS seems a little ironic (and not the hipster irony we're used to, although that's not much better). We see Demi walking on broken glass (a metaphor for pain or something), but Annie Lennox was doing that before she was even born (and much more pleasantly, we might add). The whole emotional melodrama is so oddly placed in this white sunned desert that when she sings "I'm closer to the clouds up here," we think she might be experiencing heat stroke, or the sweet sting of diminishing Disney residuals. As one article said, "Have a box of tissues handy," but that might be from tears of a different kind than intended.

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