Album Review: Washed Out
    • FRIDAY, JULY 15, 2011

    • Posted by: Michael Washington

    Hype has been a part of Ernest Greene of Washed Out's musical career from the very start. After releasing a few songs through his MySpace back in 2009 for mere fun, a worldwide outpour of admiration from music bloggers everywhere was sparked, making Washed Out the biggest Internet hype sensation we had seen to date. Then, following the release of his debut EP Life of Leisure, Washed Out's name became even more of a buzz, being elected as the chief poster boy for the highly debated chillwave movement. It was a lot to put on the shoulders of a young musician, and as any music enthusiast will tell you, with overwhelming hype comes enormous expectations. So when Ernest Greene announced that he would finally be releasing his debut full length this year, many saw this as the make-or-break moment for the artists career. Will Washed Out live up to the hype, or will he prove to be, well—washed up? Lets just say sometimes, buzz doesn't always lead to disappointment.

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