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    • THURSDAY, JULY 15, 2010

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    It's tricky to charm a New York crowd (with their general ennui, snobbery and stiff movements) but The Acorn managed to do it in spades with their worldly humor and smooth demeanor. Lead man Rolf Klausener joked about everyone forgoing the Hamptons to be there. "That's what New York does in the summer, right? ...That or back to their parents house in Massachusetts." Those who gave up a beach retreat for the sweaty mess of Mercury Lounge were rewarded for their faith... The Acorn played a polished set of delicious rock and roll.

    I had the good fortune to chat with Rolf before the show, and among the topics of discussion was the varied experiences of the band traveling around the US and Canada. Their live set feels mature, even for a band that is just starting to take root in the tough-to-negotiate American music scene. Their rock oeuvre is so great though, it's surprising more people haven't cracked this nut.

    Stay tuned for the full interview. -joe puglisi

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    Pictures: The Acorn at The Mercury Lounge
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