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    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 15, 2009

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    Witness Busdriver's brilliance: spitting sharp, smart lyrics and fluid dance moves on top of electronica that already inspire a step back: this is rap? This is hip hop? These impressive lines, conviction like razor blades, irresistible: this ain't art school but a shark pool. Witness all of this and more at Busdriver's show at the Mercury Lounge. Fast paced, culturally aware lyrics, a heavy beat, enthusiasm and authenticity; Busdriver is from LA, but the edge and the involved energy of his show is entirely New York.

    Cutting the line between artist and audience, breaking expectations of what your ordinary MC might rap about, inspiring a no breaks, no weak half attempts concert, Busdriver delivers what he promises. He demands an upped sexy quota for the second half of his show, the first black astronaut to walk the fair moon, and perhaps the first to understand so well his appeal. His enthusiastic audience might not be the usual at a hip hop show, but the respect he demands is utterly unquestionable, and marvelously enjoyable. - Laura Yan

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    VIDEO: Busdriver at The Mercury Lounge

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