Regine Chassagne Takes The Reigns on Arcade Fire's 'Electric Blue'
    • FRIDAY, JULY 14, 2017

    • Posted by: Peter Hammel

    Régine Chassagne of Arcade Fire walks the streets of New Orleans, Louisiana in what seems to be a post Mardi Gras sweep, flooded with fire trucks, police lights, and cleaning services. Throughout the video, she stares into a focusing camera, and for a quick second you see a dash of Bowie matched in her face.

    "Electric Blue" is somber, self-depreciating but only in regards to someone else. In this case, the someone else is David Bowie. As the frontwoman for the Canadian band rises her vocals to repeat "Cover my eyes electric blue", Bowie's lyric from his "Sound and Vision" comes to mind ("Electric Blue, that's the colour of my room"). Arcade Fire gives Bowie credit to assisting the inception of the band, and in their first album release since Bowie's passing, they felt due for an ambiguous tribute to the art rock king. The conclusion of the video flashes a picture of an eye covered surrounded by audio waves, a drawing of Bowie's "Sound and Vision".

    At the end of the day, "Electric Blue" is a pop song, and a stellar one at that. A deep bass drum spines the track and subtle contributions of further percussion and guitar comping paint extra color. Régine soars on the bridge until her she repeats her chorus outro, paralleled by a dreamy distorted synth. The tune fades out unknowingly, like her thoughts, "I thought I found it / But I found out I don't know shit".

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