IN OUR EARS: Songs We Loved This Week
    • FRIDAY, JULY 14, 2017

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

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    Tyler, The Creator - "911 / Mr. Lonely"

    Man, I've had this song on repeat all week. There are so many different changes that I'm genuinely invested throughout the entire track. Love the slightly de-tuned synths and overall off-kilter vibes. Plus, anything Frank Ocean touches turns to gold.

    Frank Ocean - "Sweet Life"

    Speaking of Frank Ocean, this week I think I realized that his song, "Sweet Life," is one of my favorite songs of all time. Yeah, that's a big statement, and I stand by it. We both share the same obsession with luxury and the upper class, but this isn't your typical "brag about how rich I am" type of song. "Why see the world when you got the beach?" he sings... It's kind of genius. And the music is perfect, too.

    The Suffers - "Giver"

    I just got a sneak peak of our Bands + Brews concert with The Suffers from last month and it's not out yet so I can't say too much, but -- it's f*cking awesome. This is the last song they played in their set and I will never, ever forget how powerful it was.


    Arcade Fire - "Electric Blue"

    Easily my favorite Everything Now track yet. It likely pays tribute to Bowie's "Sound and Vision" ("Electric Blue, that's the colour of my room"), and I can't wait for the full LP to drop later this month.

    Shabazz Palaces - "Effeminence"

    Though I wasn't in love with the new Shabazz record, I very much dug this track from the first ever Sub Pop hip-hop group.

    Ornette Coleman - "Eventually"

    Ah, nothing like a little hardcore jazz on a Friday. Ornette Coleman passed away just over a year ago, and The Shape of Jazz to Come truly changed the course of the genre by strict usage of monophonic instruments.


    Broken Social Scene - "Protest Song"

    My favorite track off of the new Broken Social Scene album. I've always loved Emily Haines's voice, and she kills it on "Protest Song." The song itself is also super catchy, it's just a fun optimistic party from start to finish.

    Feist - "Century"

    Maybe this one's just fresh in my memory because Feist dropped an awesome new video for it yesterday. Regardless, "Century" might just be the best song on Pleasure. It's got everything: a great drum beat, great lyrics, a kick ass guitar riff, and… Jarvis Cocker of Pulp? Sure, why not!

    Nine Inch Nails - "Less Than"

    I am soooo into the new Nine Inch Nails song. I almost wish that Trent didn't put it out yesterday, because I'm worried I'll have listened to it way too much by the time Add Violence comes out next week. But whatever, screw it: "Less Than" is just a fantastic rock song. This is definitely one of the "catchier" Nine Inch Nails tracks in recent memory, and it feels like it was recorded in a totally different mindset than anything on Not the Actual Events. Who knows if that's indicative of what to expect from the second EP in the trilogy, but I, for one, am totally okay with it. I like some variety in my NIN music!


    Chance the Rapper - "Good Ass Intro"

    Lately I've been listening to Chance's older stuff, throwing it back to some of his Acid Rap hits. "Good Ass Intro," the first track on the mixtape, is such an upbeat feel good jam and it also features BJ The Chicago Kid. From the background singers in the start to the laid back rap verses -- it reminds me of old school Kanye.

    Calvin Harris - "Rollin (ft. Khalid, Future)"

    I didn't really listen to Calvin Harris' full album, Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1, but I did listen to a few of the tracks where I thought the features would be interesting. It was cool to see him team up with Khalid and Migos, because I didn't expect them to make such an incredible sound together.

    Nina Simone - "Do What You Gotta Do"

    This song is so cool. I have no other way to describe it. Alright, just kidding, it happens to be the sample used in Kanye West's "Famous," so it's pretty amazing to hear this original version full of various background singer and several horns. It also happens to be a great example of Nina Simone's beautifully soulful voice.

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